Real Estate Regulation Act, which is better known as RERA is an act passed by the parliament in the year 2016. It ensures any kind of builder-buyer disputes and also helps protect the interest of builder-buyer agreements that were signed by both the parties at the time of property deal. We at Kanoon- e are a team of expert lawyers and advocates who ensure adequate relief to both parties in a non–discriminatory manner and help them reach a righteous decision. Retribution of disputes within both the parties is looked after by the RERA Act, which is a law created to safeguard the rights of both builders and buyers. The Relief of Possession and compensation is granted by RERA Authority and the Refund and Interest are granted by the Adjudicating Officer. If you are facing issues and your rights are violated under RERA Act then our lawyers will help you in disposing and resolving any kind of violation of rights and trickery. For further information, any property or project which is registered under RERA Laws or even unregistered will fall under its Act. Both the parties can seek restitution of their grievances by filing a complaint before the authority with the help of Kanoon–e’s esteemed lawyers and advocates.

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