Divorce Petitions: Key Takeaways That Decide The Type Of Divorce

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Divorce is a not-so-ideal situation for most couples. When you get married, you look into all the things to spend a life together. However, in some cases, things are not so simple, and you seek separation or divorce. 

Hence, in this article, we will be throwing light on the two major types of divorces that take place and the situations under which the case for divorce can be filed. Scroll down and know the details.

Divorce With Mutual Consent:

When both the wife and the husband agree to divorce each other, the courts will consider a divorce mutual and consented by both the parties. However, if you are looking to file a petition to be accepted by the court, then, in that case, the two of you should be separated for two years or one and a half at least to be able to prove that you have not been able to live together for an extended period of time.

In many cases, when either the husband or the wife is not ready for divorce, they still agree to such a divorce. It is comparatively less expensive and not as traumatic and mental health tool taking as a contested divorce. Cases such as child’s custody, maintenance, alimony, and rights to the property could be agreed upon mutually by both parties.

Divorce Without Mutual Consent:

In matters of a contested divorce, there are some set grounds on which the petition for getting legally detached can be made. It is not as easy as the husband or the wife simply asking for a divorce without stating a valid or a solid reason. 

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