Registering with HRERA: A Comprehensive Guide

Registering with HRERA: A Comprehensive Guide

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HRERA, or the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority, was formed in 2016 with the primary purpose of regulating real estate sales and developments in the state of Haryana, India. HRERA became effective on 2017, with all real estate developers in the state having to register themselves with HRERA within 30 days of the enactment of RERA. This comprehensive guide will cover all you need to know about HRERA registration and how it affects real estate developers and buyers in Haryana state.

What is HRERA?

The Haryana RERA (HRERA) is a state law that was passed in 2017 and governs all real estate projects and developers in Haryana. The goal of HRERA is to make selling property easier for buyers, by ensuring there’s clarity about what kind of property they’re buying and giving them rights to protect their investment. This extends to providing information like floor plans, pictures of finished units, etc. So if you’re planning on buying a house or an apartment anytime soon, we recommend reading up on HRERA to understand your rights as a buyer and how you can use those rights to ensure that your project gets completed as promised.

Steps to register your property under HRERA

Step 1 – If you are looking to sell your property, you should know that Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act (RERA) will become mandatory in Haryana from May 1. If your project is already under construction or it is ready for possession then builders need to register under RERA. Builders that fail to comply will face strict action. Real estate developers should be aware of Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (HRERA) before registering their projects under it. It’s important for real estate firms to understand what they are supposed to do if they do not comply.

Documents required for registration

Before login and starting to fill up the forms for registration of Agent,the applicant should keep the following documents ready in the computer in softcopy:

(i) In case of Individual:-

a) Photograph of the applicant, PAN card, Aadhar card whichshould be in JPEG/JPG or in PNG format.

b) Educational certificate, Address proof of place of business.

(ii) In case of firm/society and company:-

a) Photographs of the Directors, partners, sole proprietors etc.which should be in JPEG/JPG or in PNG format.

b) Educational certificate, Address proof of place of business,PAN card of the company, Aadhar card, GST, MOA of the company, certificate of incorporation of the company

Things you need to know about HRERA

If you are planning to buy a property in Haryana, it is mandatory for you to register your property under Haryana RERA before taking possession of it. This is important because if you fail to do so within six months of buying your property, then chances are that even if it has been delivered to you, there could be delays when it comes to resale. These real estate regulations were passed by The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016. It came into effect  on 2017.

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