Uttar Pradesh Property Registration

Property Registration In India – Uttar Pradesh Property Registration

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All transactions that include the offer of the steadfast property ought to be enlisted in India to guarantee the exchange of clean title to the owner. The registration of property requires the readiness of documents and paying the pertinent stamp obligation registration charges for the deal deed to be legally recorded at the Sub-Registrar’s office. Division of Stamps and Registration deals with the registration and move of property in Uttar Pradesh. In this article, we take a gander at the method for Uttar Pradesh property registration with stamp obligation charges.

Uttar Pradesh Registration Act, 1908

Registration Act gives insights about the technique for enrolling documents, data in regards to legal rights, and commitments influencing the specifics of the property.

Section 17 Of Uttar Pradesh Registration Act

Under section 17 of the Registration Act, 1908, all transactions that include the offer of enduring property for a worth surpassing Rs. 100, ought to be enlisted, for example, all transactions of offer of the unfaltering property that must be enlisted. Furthermore, all transactions of an endowment of steadfast property, just as a rent deed for a length surpassing a year is additionally compulsorily should have been enlisted in Uttar Pradesh.

The Motivation Behind Property Registration (Deed Registration)

The move of undaunted property must be affected via registration. Registration of a document of the move of relentless property gives the accompanying advantages:

  • The document of the move of a property in the state, for example, Deed registration will be a perpetual openly available report, whenever it’s enlisted with the concerned Sub-Registrar.
  • A freely available report of the exchange of property can be examined by anybody and a duplicate of the document that can be acquired from the Sub – Registrar office.
  • Posting of the property is giving the data to the overall population that the owner has moved to the purchaser by the owner.
  • If any individual means to purchase a property, they can confirm the record-index accessible in the sub-Registrar office. Such an individual can inspect in whose name the last exchange deed has been enlisted.
  • On the off chance that the land is agribusiness land, you can check the income record as khata, khatoni/khasra of that land and title deed.

Documents Required

  • Unique and duplicate of the document is essential for the registration.
  • Two passport-size photos of all gatherings, every one of the purchasers, the seller, and every one of the observers.
  • Photograph Identity Proof – elector’s ID card and identification of the purchaser, the seller, and every one of the observers.
  • Ensured duplicates of Certificate of Incorporation of both seller and purchaser, if there should arise an occurrence of an organization and not an individual purchaser
  • Duplicate of the property register card to show that the property doesn’t have a place with the Government (It can be gotten from the City Survey Department)
  • Duplicate the civil tax bill to specify the year in which the property was assembled or built.
  • Duplicate of the PAN Cards of the relative multitude of gatherings is compulsory (to be added alongside the Sale Deed)
  • Photos and marks, everything being equal, the purchaser, the seller, and the two observers are compulsory.


After the introduction of the property/deed, registration procedures be chosen that very day.

Concerned Authority

The gatherings can present the application structures identifying with property registration administrations at the Sub-Registrar’s Offices of Stamps and the Registration Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Time Limit And Fee Applicable

The property must be obligatorily enrolled inside four months from the date of its execution, alongside the required expense.

The registration charge for the property documents is 1% of the worth of the property, subject to a limit of Rs 30,000.

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