The Legal Rights That She Must Know For A Better Married Life

Married Woman In India: The Legal Rights That She Must Know For A Better Married Life

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In India we talk about traditional marriages and ceremonies but we always forget to teach our daughters about the rights she holds after she is married and that she will not have to face the adverse effects because the law is standing at her back. If all things are rosy there is never a problem but if things go wrong an educated or even uneducated woman must know what her legal rights is when she gets married.

Scroll down as we will tell you some of the legal rights that a married Indian woman holds in India

Right To Matrimonial Home

A woman has the legal right to live in the matrimonial residence, even after the husband expires. Even if the husband does not own the house, belongs to his parents, or is a rented flat.

Right To Stand Against Domestic Violence

A lady can state domestic Intensity under the Protection of Women Under Domestic Violence Act (D.V. Act), 2005. This act criminalizes physical, emotional, sexual, economic, and other sorts of ill-treatment.

Right To Seek Divorce

Section 13 of HMA 1955 gives ladies the legal rights to file for a separation without the husband’s consent.

Right To Abort A Child

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 gives a lady full autonomy to abort a baby without the husband’s consent as it is her whole and sole right to do so. The time of getting a child aborted has been increased to 24 weeks recently.

Right To Stree Dhan

Section 14 of HSA, 1956 and Section 27 of HMA, 1955 shields a woman’s right to stree dhan and gives her complete ownership of it. A lady can file a charge under Section 19A of the DV Act if the right is withdrawn.

Right To Claim The Custody Of Her Child

The Guardian and Wards Act of 1890 gives similar custodial claims and duties to both father and mother of the child. However, if the child is below five years of age, the mother has exclusive rights.

Right To Report Against Dowry Prohibition

The Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961 bans the dowry system. A woman can report against her parental family or the in-laws for trading dowry. Any case of torture she faces from her in-laws on dowry can be issued under Section 304B and 498A of IPC that criminalizes dowry harassment.

Right To Live A Life Of Dignity And Self-Respect

A lady has legal rights to have freedom, the same lifestyle as her husband, and the freedom to speak against any injustice. She legally earns a committed relationship in wedlock. Adultery and polygamy can be turned as legal areas of Divorce.

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