Is It Possible To File A Case In Both RERA And The Consumer Court At The Same Time?

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RERA is a first-of-its-sort Act relevant to the real estate area and expects to make an expert for the shopper acceptable. It also intends to gander at significant issues that have recently messed up homebuyers, such as project conveyance idealness, development productivity, etc. For lakhs of abused home purchasers, the enactment has demonstrated to be an immense help. Beforehand, homebuyers were allured to put resources into unapproved projects that wrongly guaranteed significant yields, yet presently, to defend homebuyers’ inclinations, just enlisted undertakings will move toward the RERA Tribunal.

Is Simultaneous Filing Possible?

While RERA doesn’t disallow the National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission from practicing its individual ward, it is unimaginable to expect to record a protest with both the RERA Tribunal and the NCDRC simultaneously. To look for a plan of action for his complaint, an oppressed individual has two alternatives: either go to the RERA Tribunal or go to the Consumer Forum.

On the off chance that a client chooses to go to the NCDRC, he should remember the court’s financial purview. Suppose a customer decides to go to the RERA Tribunal. In that case, he will be coordinated by the court’s Territorial Jurisdiction, which implies he should go to the RERA tribunal in the locale where the guaranteed property is found. The location of Consumer Forum applies to both existing just as finished tasks.

We should remember a thumb rule, that our laws don’t allow discussion shopping. Henceforth, an oppressed gathering may go to one of the two tribunals for disputes over a similar matter: the NCDRC with the suitable ward or the RERA Tribunal with Territorial Jurisdiction. As recently expressed, moving toward a shopper gathering isn’t restricted. Yet, since RERA is an uncommon Act intended to ensure the interests of homebuyers, a customer will be prescribed to contact the settling official.

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