A Stepwise Guide On How To File A Complaint Under RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority)

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Under Section 31 of RERA, complaints can be filed against developers, buyers, or agents. Here are the steps to follow while registering a complaint are:

1. Find a RERA lawyer and file a complaint under the relevant authority.

2. Fill the complaint as per the rules assigned by the concerned State in which the project is located.

3. Include the subsequent details:

  • Details of the petitioner and the respondent.
  • Address and certification number of the scheme.
  • A short description of the data as well as the territories of the claim.
  • If any remedy is sought, then details of the maintenance and interim reliefs (if any).

4. Pay the charge. Keep in thought that this product varies from State to State. For instance, the fee in Maharashtra is Rs.5 000, while it is Rs.1 000 in Karnataka.

5. Alternatively, you can file a complaint online by attending your State’s RERA website.

6. If you aren’t established with the decision made by RERA, you can record a complaint with the RERA Appellate Tribunal within 60 days.

7. You can also request the High Court within 60 days if you aren’t convinced with the Appellate Tribunal’s decision.

Here are examples of a few states in which you can file a complaint under the RERA Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act:

Uttar Pradesh 

Uttar Pradesh RERA complaint form

You can download the Uttar Pradesh RERA complaint form online. 

Uttar Pradesh RERA complaint fees

Any aggrieved buyer can record their complaint with the Uttar Pradesh RERA for any breach under the Act by filling up ‘Form M’ and giving Rs 1,000 a fee.


Maharashtra RERA complaint form

If you want to file a complaint against registered projects or agents across the State, you need to first register as a new user on the MahaRERA website and fill up a form to file a complaint. 

Maharashtra RERA complaint fee

In Maharashtra, the fee for registering a complaint under RERA is Rs 5,000. You can make installments using NEFT or the RTGS system.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu RERA complaint form

You require filling ‘Form 8’ for recording a complaint under Tamil Nadu RERA. 

Tamil Nadu RERA complaint fees

Tamil Nadu RERA levies Rs 1,000 as fees for recording a complaint before the regulatory authority. If you are applying with the Appellate Tribunal, you need to pay Rs 5,000 as a fee.

To know more about RERA follow the articles of Kanoon-e and contact our lawyers for more information.

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