How Is A Background Verification Done In India And What Is The Government Doing For The Same?

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Organizations commence the background verification by summoning your last company. They will verify the specifications you gave them against information from your last employer.

Then, corporations look into government databases (criminal histories) for any illegal activity. Next, they investigate education records to verify your degrees and certificates.

Lastly, businesses will verify your location. Sometimes they even send somebody to physical spots to check out a candidate’s address.

However, different organizations in India run background investigations in various ways. Here are some of the ways how they go with the procedure:

  • Big private corporations sign a contract with third-party agencies to do everything that is mentioned above. 
  • Small and medium organizations ordinarily have their HR crew do all the work for them.
  • Government organizations or PSUs run a comprehensive verification before awarding the job.

– Primarily, PSUs demand residential records of where you resided more than six months in the last four years from now.

 – You also need to exhibit proof of prevailing local address and permanent residence.

  Based on that data, the firm requests your report from District Magistrates or the Police Commissioners of areas where you resided.

  Both of those jurisdictions ask police stations to run the inspection.

  Ultimately, the report that police find is rolled up the string.

Background Verification Attempts by the Government

To stop you from performing fraud, the administration is also advancing it in high gear. Here are the new engines it’s using to help corporations check your records –

  • Aadhaar attestation – Did you skip that they have your biometrics? And substantially every other data about your house and bank accounts stored in your Aadhar Card?
  • National Academics Depository (NAD) – The government launched NAD to store your education records digitally. NAD can also issue authentic documents to verified users since they plan to have every education board and business in India onboard the platform.
  • National Skills Registry (NSR) – NSR is the most comprehensive database of serving professionals that assists companies in fact-check employees’ information (if registered). In aggregates, NSR has on board –
  •  – 200 Organizations
  •  – 21,87,635 Registered professionals
  •  – 14,77,518 Biometrics submitted

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