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RERA Legal Matters – When And How Can You Record A Complaint Against A Developer Under RERA?

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A consumer can register a charge with the RERA Authority for any infringement or breach of RERA prerequisites. Furthermore, a buyer can seek help from experienced property advocates a complaint about the subsequent purposes:

  • Fake Promotion: When a builder displays false or deceptive advertisement, note or scheme because a buyer ends up dropping a piece of the amount with the constructor, a RERA complaint can be filed.
  • Delay in giving possession of the property: If there has been a delay in delivering the property by the constructor, the buyer has the absolute right to file a complaint under RERA Authority. The buyer can file the charge to get immediate delivery of possession or get a comprehensive settlement of the payment amount previously paid to the developer added with interest.
  • Architectural Lacks: If there are any fundamental errors by the developer‘s operators or the condition of the services provided, then the constructor is compelled to reimburse the expense paid by the customer.
  • Credit instalment: A customer can pay a cap of 10% of the cost of the business as an advance instalment. However, if the builder insists on advance payment of more than 10%, the buyer can file a case against the builder in RERA.
  • Unethical registration of a project: Housing projects must be appropriately registered under RERA, 2016 with the Regulatory Authority. Nevertheless, if any inventor has sold or is even attempting to sell an unethically designated project, the buyer can file a RERA accusation.
  • Fragmentary details about the property: Every aspect of the project must be updated on the Regulatory Authority website. If a buyer observers any infringement of the same, the same can be claimed under RERA Authority.

How to file a RERA complaint against the developer in Indian states?

Below Section- 31 of RERA, it is stated that any aggrieved customer may file a complaint straight with the Adjudicating Officer or the Regulatory Authority. The complaint is to violate provisions of RERA or any regulations formed under RERA against A Developer, Promoter, Constructor, or property dealer

Any individual who has invested in a property project or has any legal interest can file a complaint under RERA. The procedure to file such a complaint includes the following:

1. Full name, address and other important details of the customer

2. Full address of the real estate plan

3. Certification number of the property in the subject

4. The parts and proclamations correlating to the obstruction in the property

5. The response to the same from the design developer

6. The relief appealed from RERA

A stipulated charge is to be repaid along with the complaint that is filed under RERA. The fee differs from Indian state to state. There is an existing online procedure for filing a RERA charge; wherein there are different online portals for different Indian states. 

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