Know About The Steps To Register Projects Under The RERA Act

The Documents Required To Register Your Project Or Scheme Under The RERA Act

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RERA came in record and changed the way people looked at Real Estate after 2016. While discussing topics under RERA continuously through our platforms, we have now come up with a topic that talks about documents and factual details that will be needed to register your project under RERA Act.

To designate an outline under RERA, you must hold the subsequent documents ready to register your Project under the RERA Act:

  • Income tax returns of the developer for the last 3 years must be presented.
  • Audited balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and auditor report of the builder must also be kept in the file of documents required.
  • Developer’s PAN Card and confirmation of their Aadhaar Card. If there is more than one builder for the project, then PAN Card, as well as the Aadhar Card prints of all the developers, must be provided.
  • Passport size photo of the builder. If the developer is a company or a business, then photos of all the arms including the leader and chairperson need to be appended.
  • The legal title deed and any other important text which has been confirmed. These documents should reflect all legal rights that the builder has over the land. If this is not possible, the developer should provide a non-encumbrance certificate. This needs to be procured from a revenue authority that is not below the rank of a Tehsildar.
  • If the developer is not the proprietor of the land on which the project is being developed, a copy of the collaboration contract along with the consent of the owner needs to be provided.
  • The layout plan and approved plan of the project which has been confirmed.
  • A plan of all the facilities to be provided. This includes drinking water facilities, fire-fighting facilities, usage of renewable energy, and evacuation facilities.
  • All location details regarding the project. This should include the boundaries of the proposed project between the longitude and latitude. 
  • An estimated receipt with features which include the sale agreement and conveyance deed proposed.
  • The carpet area, number of apartments, opens terrace area, and balcony area if any.
  • Details of the number of parking for sale and open parking areas ready.
  • Names and addresses of real estate agents (if any).
  • Names and addresses of architectural technicians, architects, entrepreneurs, and any other person involved with the development of the project.
  • Declaration under Form B. This declaration affirms that the developer or anyone authorized by the developer cannot distinguish during the allotment of the project.
  • Any other document needed by the state in which you are designating the project.

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