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3 Most Common Types Of Property Disputes In India That Require Legal Help!

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Even after four years of the implementation of RERA, the Act that came into existence to address the concerns of the homebuyers, property buying still seems to be a daunting proposition for homebuyers in India. Several incidences have been reported where the buyers, who initially vary in investing in real estate, have lodged complaints against developers and landlords, charging them for forgery and coercion.

Here, we have mentioned some of the most common property disputes that require legal help. Scroll down to know about them – 

Disputes Related To Inherited Property 

Inherited or willed property dispute stand first on the list. Conflicts between two people or parties claiming the same property that falls under their ancestral rights are most commonly found in India.

Disputes Between Builders/ Developers And Buyers 

This is one of the most common property disputes in India. Most cases for these kind of disputes are filed under the RERA Act and the claims are filed with the help of experienced advocates.

Misuse Of Rented And Leased Property 

Property concerns are very common in India when it comes to rented property. The issue can arise between the owner and tenant, or it can also be with a tenant and the local welfare association.

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